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What Are Ben Wa Balls?

Ben Wa Balls sound like one of those newfangled exercise machines to help you shape up and lose fat. While it is certainly true that it can provide some much-needed exercise and physical stimulation, Ben Wa Balls can be used for something far, far naughtier!

Fifty Shades of Grey enthusiasts and adventurous vixens will know what to do with Ben Wa Balls once they see one. These adult toys have existed for more than centuries, and they go by many other names- Geisha balls, Vagina Balls, Venus Balls, Orgasm Balls, Love Balls, Burmese Bells, and then some.

Physically speaking, Ben Wa Balls can appear to be small (the smallest being the size of a marble) with a hollow nature and usually containing some kind of weight that rolls inside as it moves. In earlier times, these adult toys have a string attached (usually nylon or silicone) that allowed easy retrieval while inside the vagina. Some women prefer ben wa balls made from surgical stainless steel.

These sex balls have evolved so much due to the availability of different materials and technology that women are simply spoiled for options.

You can find Ben Wa Balls everywhere, and in all shapes, sizes and texture! Fancy a beginner set? Choose a small beginner set to start with, after which you can move up to a more advanced type of sex ball – most women invest in balls made with surgical stainless steel, although this can be shock to the system when first using due to the cold steel on the skin.

Want a new sex toy for a new pleasurable sensation? How about a fist-sized, glass toy that can vibrate? The possibilities are almost endless.

How Do Ben Wa Balls Work?

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Ben Wa Balls were initially created and inserted in women during intercourse for added pleasure, but women quickly found out that they had benefits of using it as well. The balls gave gentle stimulation as ladies went about their business, slowly building their sexual arousal until the end of the day.

The process is simple- if it’s your first time to use this sensational toy, be gentle and insert them slowly, one by one in your vagina. That’s it. The weight of the balls themselves plus gravity will make them slide down, from which you’ll invariably use your kegel muscles to keep them in. The motion pushes the Ben Wa Balls back up, along with gentle arousal. Depending on the type of Ben Wa Balls you bought and your preference, you’ll feel a gentle rocking inside, sometimes tickling your G-spot region as you perform sexual intercourse or run around the neighborhood. The moving weight moves with you as you walk, run, cycle, or do your tasks in the office.

History has shown that Ben Wa Balls were being used by Taoists for sexual practice and for Tantric exercises which allow practitioners to explore their sensual side.

How To Use Ben Wa Balls?

ben wa balls surgical stainless steel

Thought that Ben Wa Balls are only good for one boring function? Think again! These adult toys are versatile, and can be used in a number of ways. Whether you need something to help you strengthen your pelvic muscles or you need a unique adult toy companion in bed, Ben Wa Balls are the perfect tools for the job. If your searching for a solution to restore vaginal tighteness then you visit my review on the revolution that is V-Gel, the all natural vaginal tightening cream.

These desirable sex toys are straightforward in nature- just put them in whenever you wish and let the balls do their magic. Your partner will feel a lot more going on, and you’ll feel a “fuller” penetration that ends in a better, more explosive orgasm. Should you wish to experience more using these sex toys, then here’s what you can do:

Insert the balls in, then visit your favorite rocking chair or swing. You can also kneel in a sitting position while holding them inside, and grind your way to climax. Beginners may start with smaller, lighter balls to have an easier time holding them in. Metal and glass balls are significantly heftier and therefore, more difficult to hold in. They do have an added bonus of producing more momentum and keeping you aroused throughout the day. Owners of Ben Wa Balls that don’t have vibrating features can improvise by riding their favorite bike, a motorcycle, or by visiting the nearest amusement parks and riding the merry-go-round. Keep in mind that for purely sanitary reasons, you will need to wash your toys with soap and warm water when it falls out and when you’re ready to use them again.

About the strengthening of your PC and Kegel muscles, here’s what you can do: use the Ben Wa Balls for a consistent workout material just by holding them in whenever you can. Older women and those who are slowly losing grip with their urinary muscles can benefit from having Ben Wa Balls. It stimulates the muscle surrounding your rectum, uterus and bladder while providing a spicier stimulation in your clitoris. Play a little tug-of-war with the strings and your pelvic floor muscles, or actively try to squeeze the Ben Wa Balls while they are inside for maximum benefits. Oh, and did I mention that as you strengthen your pelvic muscles and achieve better bladder control, sex becomes more pleasurable? That’s because you can now control your muscles during penetration, which results in higher climaxes and more explosive orgasms for you and your partner! The always-on stimulation also gets your sex drive motor running in good condition. It also promotes a healthy reproductive function.

Specific Ben Wa Balls Exercises You Can Try

Here are some simple and specific Ben Wa Ball exercises you can try out:

1. Sit down in a comfortable position and try holding them in for 15 minutes, twice a day. Once you feel better control, try to increase the duration to 30 minutes, and stand up or do some basic chores.

2. Insert your Ben Wa Balls and “wear” them out in public. Only do this if you are in total control of your toys and have advanced enough to unconsciously keep them in all day.

3. Use them in conjunction with your other Kegel exercises. Press your leg muscles and tense them for maximum results.

4. In the privacy of your home, place the Ben Wa Balls inside your vagina, letting the strings outside. Flex your pelvic muscles while gently tugging on the strings. Beginners should lie down first to get a feel for this exercise. As you move along, you may stand up or use heavier Ben Wa Balls.