how to increase female libido quickly

Are you worried about your sex life? Do you want to get back the lost passion and learn how to increase your libido quickly? Are you looking for the best libido booster to take your sex experience to a whole another level? If you agree with all the three questions, you are in the right place to find ways to spice up your sex life.

A woman’s libido can start declining with age and other lifestyle factors, some symptoms include vaginal pain and dryness.

The days of men having all the options while leaving are libido to continue on the path of natural decline is showing progress.

So interestingly, there are 100’s drugs available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, however, there is very few available for treating female sexual dysfunction.

So there is this disconnection between the number of women who have the disorder for sexual dysfunction and the treatment available.

how to increase female libido quicklyFemale sexual dysfunction is comprised of several disorders.

Desire disorders. That is made up of hypoactive sexual desire disorder and sexual aversion disorders.

Sexual arousal disorder, that could be an arousal issue that starts in the mind, in the brain or starting in the genitals.

Pain disorders which are made up of vaginismus and dyspareunia.

Female orgasmic disorder.

Female sexual dysfunction can be caused by many things. It can be a physical problem. For example; if a woman has a chronic medical illness like diabetes, hypothyroidism, depression, it can be caused by a psychological issue, increased stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issue, self-esteem issues.

It can also be caused by societal issues. It could be the religion that they were brought up in or the traditions. Dyspareunia or painful intercourse has many causes.

Vulvovaginal Atrophy

One of the common causes is something like vulvovaginal atrophy. This is something that affects postmenopausal women. It can affect anywhere from 25% to 50% of postmenopausal women not using treatment.

Vulvovaginal atrophy causes painful intercourse because it causes the vagina to be dry and causes the tissue to thin out. Having intercourse can lead to significant pain, bleeding and the vagina can get smaller in size as a result.

So why is having an orgasm necessary for women? Apart from the obvious pleasures.

Having the best female orgasm prevents cervical infections. When we have an orgasmic contraction, it opens the cervix. This starches and pulls within the cervix allow for the rise in acidity in the cervical fluid. This releases friendly bacteria and allows more fluid to move from the cervix into the vagina. It not only lubricates the vagina but also pushes out the organisms that can cause infection.

libido boosterIt also provides a peak cardiovascular health and resistance from coronary heart diseases as well as type 2 diseases. Additionally, it helps you sleep better. After a climax, the calming hormones oxytocin and endorphins are released. Oxytocin also deactivates the cortisol levels which is responsible for stress.

Female Libido Booster – How to Choose the Best Female Arousal Products

Talking to women about treatments, they are of two types- hormonal treatment and non-hormonal treatment. Focus on non-hormonal treatments. There are moisturizers and lubricants.

It’s important to rememember a vaginal moisturizer differs from a lubricant.

A moisturizer is a maintenance therapy. It is meant to increase the moisture in the vagina. So it improves the moisture barrier and also the Ph in the vagina resulting in less dryness and provides more comfort.

We have discovered a fantastic product called Vigorelle which has delivered phenomenal results for many women.

Vigorelle is very different from the typical drugstore lubricants that feel very unnatural with harsh chemical mixtures. It is a water based natural lubricant and sex enhancer. If you have lost interest in sex, don’t get turned on or just can seem to get into the mood, then Vigorelle will certainly benefit you.

instant female arousal pillsThe creams natural ingrdients helps to bring that desire and renew your interest in sex by helping you to get turned on more, get more pleasure and fulfillment from having sex. This cream boosts certain bodily functions that improve sex and overall sexual health. It’s a blend of natural oils and loops that make it silky smooth to apply. It containes ingredients like arginine that increases the blood flow to sensitive areas, thus making sex more enjoyable.

Ginkgo Biloba which encourages your body to naturally produce more lubrication. Vigorelle can also help as a libido booster and to balance hormones and protect and repair cells.

Overall, it’s much more than just a lubricant.

It is a female sexual enhancer which helps in boosting sensitivity and give you more powerful orgasms. You can apply a few drops of thin cream to the underside of the clitoris and thoroughly massage it. You can also have your partner massage it for you which is also fun. It feels warm and feels the tingling sensation after a few seconds of applying which consequently increases the blood flow to that area.

best libido boosterThe ingredients used are Ginkgo Biloba, peppermint leaf oil, tea tree oil. When you open it, you can easily sense the smell of mintiness and natural herbs.

Many women have reported results after the first application they felt the effects and desire returning, it did more than just a lubricate. I noticed much more sensation at the genital areas delivering a very pleasing and warming effect.

This cream is the bomb when it comes to foreplay, you will start to call it moreplay as it will leave you begging. Trust me.

After using the cream more frequently the sensation seemeed to increase and it started to build to a higher intensity, I felt more aroused and more pleasure every single time.

Impressed by the ingredient list. There are only 7 main ingredients and they are all natural made from botanical extracts.

It also covers a lot of areas. It has vitamins, natural moisturizers, and herbal aphrodisiacs. It is more than just a lubricant. It works on a deeper level to bring about a long-term solution to the loss of interest in sex. Therefore, Vigorelle works straight away on the first application and then overtime intensifies to a deeper level. My sex drive has increased and the pleasure from sex has massively improved. Getting turned on much easier and extremely satisfied with the product.

best female orgasmGive it a try and see the benefits, you wont be disappointed.

Based on the researches on women sexual health, many of today’s young women feel guilty and stressed about their sex lives. One out of every ten women between the ages 18 and 45 experiences low libido. Having a lower libido can be a bad sign towards their health. There are so many factors, physiological and the emotional. Nowadays, people are living a tough lifestyle, work pressure and having a lot of conflicts in their relationships. Therefore there is more depression and depression is a libido killer. Also, taking anti-depressants also kills libido.

Another research study says that birth control pills may be a factor in lower libido. Many women have had problems with the birth control pills as libido killer. Another thing that is important if you face a similar issue is to work with your doctor just because if you have symptoms with one birth control pill doesn’t mean that another birth control is going to have a similar effect. You don’t have to choose between your libido and birth control.

best female arousal productsLoss of libido in many women after childbirth is a common condition. Many women may be ashamed of discussing it. It can cause a lot of problems in relationships with your partner.

It is normal for a mother to focus on her baby right after giving birth. It is also normal to lose interest in anything else for some weeks. This is due to the effect of certain hormones that your body secretes in order to bond with your baby. However, after a couple of months, you should naturally regain the healthy sexual intimacy with your partner. If you notice the persistence of loss of libido over a long time, this could be either due to physical or psychological reasons.

Physical causes are mainly due to the deficiency of certain elements such as iron and vitamin D. These two elements may become deficient during pregnancy or breastfeeding. As the mother passes on to the baby, so the body storage of these elements decreases. If you suspect any of the deficiency of these elements, having blood tests should alert your doctor.  In this case, you would have to restore these elements with good nutrition.  Rememeber this takes time, more greens and less junk, let water also be your new best friend.

Your mind is your biggest sexual organ and this means that your mind does affect the sexual desires and performances. Now the psychological factors are responsible for about 15% to 20% of all the cases of decreased sexual interest. Also, the psychological effects of lower libido may stem from sexual trauma from past. Once you reach that minsdet the effects from lack of sex cam lead to worry which will make the problem persist for longer.

This can lead to anxiety, fear and lead to sexual disability. Unfortunately, the more you think about it, the more anxious you become and the worst the situation is. Therefore, you must keep this in mind that when you have anxiety, your brain chemistry and hormones change. All of these reduces blood flow to your genitals and thus causing lower libido.

Some resort to using drugs or alcohol to reduce anxiety, it will only make your reproductive system worse.

ost-interest-in sex.-how-to-get-it-backFinally, there comes indifference which may come as a result of age and a subsequent loss of interest in sex stemming from the problems in a couple’s relationship. If there is a lack of effort to be affectionate or sexual by both the people in the relationship. Psychologically, you just stop wanting or thinking about the sex.

Issues with orgasms

An average man lasts between 5 to 10 minutes in bed. Women, however, take a little longer, I’d think you would agree.

An average woman requires around 40 minutes of sexual interaction before an orgasm can be achieved. Women need to relax into a desire for arousal before they sense a hint of an orgasm. Don’t hesitate taking breaks while your lovemaking to prolong your partner’s stamina.

Inability to surrender. Sex is all about surrender. Surrendering to bliss, surrendering to passion to control into your mind. Now if you are a tightly bound person and unable to relax and let go, you are going to have trouble orgasming. Sexual energy needs space to move through you. It’s a very subtle thing, just like a floating downstream in a river water. It needs to rise and spread the heat and open you. In order for the sensations to build, your body needs to relax. And for your body to relax, you need to let go of your mind.

ow to enhance female libido quicklyIf you have a hard time letting go all the busy stuff of your daily life, bring it back to your breath and focus on deep breathing. You can practice becoming aware of the sensations that are happening on your skin at that moment, what pleasure can you feel at the moment and focus on expanding that. Awareness and being in the moment is really going to help.

Lack of Sex:
Sex is a vital function to keep a human being physically, mentally and emotionally stable. Nothing good happens when you stop having sex especially due to sexual dysfunction.

• Suffering from low libido, you cannot have sex. That really turns you emotionally down with anxiety and depression.
• The chance of catching a cold or flu increases significantly.
• Something odd or trauma from your past life, which you obviously wanted to forget makes you suffer from mental agitation and you have a hard time getting rid.
• Sex is among the top activity for better cognitive function and brain health that is needed for your personal and professional growth.
• Insecurities about the relationship.

So, with Vigorelle, you can be assured your getting the best female arousal product that money can buy, you can spice your sex life again with a stronger relationship. Other things you can do is to concentrate on your circulatory system. The biggest thing to increase libido in women is to keep the circulatory system going and that means by exercising, jogging or walking or anything that gets the heart rate pumping. Lastly, a good diet is essential for your overall health and especially when it comes to a better libido.