Do Male Enhancement Pills Actually Work?

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    While female enhancers are quite new to the market, male enhancement products have been available for a number of years and the sheer amount available is astonishing, we at sexual welfare will be compiling a small but effective list of products for you to choose, we will be naming the best male enhancement pills that actually deliver results.

    Men are very sensitive when it comes to discussing sexual problems which is why it’s so important to have the resources and facts before they decide to buy any products relating to sexual performance.

    Pills are the biggest seller for men, but what are the side effects and do they work effectively?

    Some sexual issues cannot be fixed with pills or products, it may be a requirement to consult your doctor in some cases.

    Most men never seem to be happy with the size of their penis size, but is BIGGER always BETTER? The answer is yes and wanting an increase through the use of male enhancement pills leads to a better sexual experience for you and your partner. It can also lead to dramatic increase in self-confidence, which is maybe even more important.

    So what are the Safest and Best Male Enhancement Pills for 2017?

    There are many enhancers available for men although the most popular products are male enhancement pills. The problem most men find with pills is which one to choose, a small fraction of brands are only known to work effectively.

    We at Sexual Welfare have asked ten men with sexual dysfunction to complete trials on seven well known brands and three trials on recent products, this also includes extensive research completed by the team.  The hard work is done, so let’s find out what the most effective pills are for penis enlargement so you don’t have too.

    Male Enhancement Reviews – Don’t be Scammed?

    Sexual health is billion dollar business, it’s continuous growth has paved the way for certain individuals to exploit the market by promoting certain brands in exchange for large commissions. This can be a risky business especially for the consumer, as most do not care about a persons safety and what the results are. The individuals in question have one agenda in mind, sell the pill that is the highest earner and offers to pay the most commission. In the end you receive a product which has severe side effects that could also lead to health problems. I can’t stress this enough, be careful and make sure the product is backed by a guarantee.

    When buying a male enhancement pill be sure to check it offers a money back guarantee, at least you have a comeback should the end result not be to your liking.

    To make the process easier for our readers, we have reviewed and compiled a list of the top 3 male enhancement pills which have been tried and tested and are proven to offer results. The products all come delivered in discreet packages and are effective and safe to use, results will vary so lets start with the best and work are way down.

    VigRX Plus – The Number One Male Enhancement Product for 2017

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    VigRX pills are the connoisseurs when it comes to male enhancement, the company has over 10 years experience in the market including several endorsements by top doctors in the sexual health sector, you can be confident your purchasing a pill that is trusted by the public.

    If Carlsberg made male enhancement pills, then it would probably be the best male enhancement pill in the world. Thought I would lighten the mood 🙂

    VigRX prides itself on delivering results that is backed by clinical trials and extensive research with none of the added side effects that cheaper pills have. While we at sexual welfare fully endorse this product, VigRX has went one step further and offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. While all reputable pill companies should offer this, many don’t.

    When first taking VigRX you need to be aware that this pill won’t provide immediate results like a few of the cheaper pills offer.

    The product takes time to build in your system, the longer you take it the better results you will see and feel. Some men notice stronger, harder erections within a couple of weeks although for maximum results a 12-week course is recommended.

    If your looking for a quick fix then this pill is not for you.

    We and many others rate VigRX Plus as the number one male enhancement supplement, purely based on results, natural ingredients, endorsements, testimonials and most importantly its safe to use.

    The product does have a hefty price tag; but as the saying goes you get what you pay for.

    You can be assured that once you go VigRX you will never go back.   

    You got the money, you got the erection and performance of your dreams.

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    Next on are list of recommendations is a product called Prosolution, this product rates second highest on the list and is slightly cheaper than the above. Prosolution has most of the same benefits as VigRX Plus, money back guarantee, endorsements etc, but is lacking in some important qualities.

    When we first started researching male enhancement pills, Prosolution was the first product tested and at that time we were highly impressed with the results and the feedback we had received. Prosolution pills started to show it’s true effectiveness about 6 weeks into the course, although a few noticed a slight increase after 4 weeks.

    Prosolution Pills – Number 2

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    As it was the first pill tested we had nothing to measure it against(excuse the pun). So with no benchmark set we had it down as a superior enhancement product.

    As products go we cannot fault it’s effectiveness, but in terms of results it doesn’t quite match the level achieved when using VigRX. When asked for feedback 8 out of 10 said they maintained the same quality of erections when compared to VigRX. What they did notice was that it took them slightly longer to get the penis fully hard and orgasms were not as intense.

    Some consumers choose Prosolution as the number one and down the line we may even have a debate and ask you to choose the best.

    If you have strict budget then by all means buy Prosolution Pills, you can try risk free and if your not happy by all means return the product for a full refund.

    Our third and final recommendation is a fairly new product on the market called Virility EX, we stumbled across this product about three months back when we heard some buzz being generated on twitter. We were a bit skeptical at first as we thought it was suppliers themselves creating the buzz. We took a chance not knowing much about the product and didn’t have any expectations as the product was rather cheap and the website showed very little information.

    We ordered a two month supply each for only three of our reviewers, we didn’t see the point in wasting money on a product we new very little about.

    Virility EX – Number 3

    virility ex

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    Two weeks into the trial, two started noticing some penis increases and a strong sexual desire. The third reviewer felt nothing. We were slightly bewildered and decided to continue the trial for another few weeks. Finally after the third week he started to notice the increase and reported back great gains. The erection quality was lower than VigRX and Prosolution, although for price the results were impressive. Although pills come recommended for men the use of vagina tightening pills for women are not.

    Virility EX uses natural ingredients and is more a herbal supplement, which makes it power limited when compared too the other two pills.  While it’s lacking on quality in certain areas it’s certainly a great alternative for a small budget.

    We can assure you that whatever your choice is, improvements will be made. Depending on what level you want to go to is your choice. Enhancement pills are a great way to get your swagger back in the bedroom, we at sexual welfare want to make sure you get the right product and have the right increase that your penis deserves.

    We want to hear your views and what you think of the quality of the above male enhancement pills should you buy. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I will reply asap.



    I am a fully certified sex therapist and sexual health adviser. Sexual Welfare will include some taboo subjects on male and female enhancements. Thanks for visiting. Keria