vagina rejuvenation non surgical

Most things in life work in cycles, so why should sex be any different.. Well it’s not.  There are many causes that lead women to research vaginal rejuvenation, the loss of tightness can be caused by the following of factors, intercourse, monthly period, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Two of the main factors are aging and menopause which will cause the biggest decline, you may notice dryness, loose vagina and a loss of elasticity.

While we can do nothing about most of the above, there are certain lifestyle changes we can make. Getting more exercise is one of the key changes you can control.

Kegel exercises were first introduced to assist pregnant women to prepare there pelvic floor before childbirth, Kegel has now been adapted and is one of the non surgical treatments you can now complete. We will be giving you a step by step guide on how to do kegel exercises.

The Kegel exercise method has been dismissed by majority of women as it takes time to repair the damage, some women just won’t have the time especially if they are looking after children or attending to a newly born.

There are various products and surgeries for treating vaginal rejuvenation, depending on the level of decline.

vaginal rejuvenation

It is recommended to start with non surgical remedies, starting with Kegel exercise and using a vaginal tightening cream. There are also various vaginal tightening pills you can find on the market, although we do not recommend due to adverse side-effects.

If all else fails then surgery is your last option, medical science now has various procedures which will tighten the wall of the vagina, this is know as Vaginoplasty or Perineoplasty, while the wall may not be the issue and you may require another surgery called Labiaplasty which repairs the lips.

All the surgical procedures are performed using laser technology also known as LVR laser vaginal rejuvenation.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Patient Describes Post-Procedure

If considering vaginal rejuvenation then exploring the non-surgical route is definitely your best option to start with. There are many different ways to tighten up. The most common would be pills which we wouldn’t recommend.

Laser treatment can be extremely effective and offers the best solution for non-surgical treatment. The cost of this procedure well exceeds the most common solutions, this may not be required and would be ascertained once a consultation has been completed.

Over the next few weeks we will be speaking women who have tried all of the above, we will supplying are readers with hard facts on what works best and what to avoid. If you can


Vaginal rejuvenation has restored confidence in many women, although the procedure can be quite expensive it provides the best solution to restoring tightness in the vagina. Remember research is vital for a successful treatment, so do your homework.